Houston Maritime Law

Houston Maritime Attorney – Marine Attorney is a professional legal specialist

those people who have suffered injuries, accidents, and unjust deaths caused

maritime recreational and commercial hazards. Types of maritime services

lawyers can include court cases, writing, negotiating and handling complaints about

injuries or diseases caused by different types of ships or boats, and dumping companies

hazardous waste at sea.

Houston Maritime Law

The Houston Legal Office area is set to oversee a variety of Houston maritime law

news. The Houston office is located in the largest economic centre on the Gulf Coast

region, also known as The Port of Houston.

Houston’s legal institutions provide information on a variety of cases, including

property disputes, oil spills, and water pollution claims.

Houston law firms have filed a lawsuit to represent several hundred clients in their lifetime

affected by oil spills.Houston law firms provide extensive maritime information


Texas ports carry about 565 million tons of cargo. Port of Houston, Port of Texas City, and

The Port of Galveston all play a direct role in the national and international economy. Gains a lot of money coming from other countries and passing through these important ports at sea.

Maritime Houston injury lawyers

It is the employer’s responsibility to reduce the risk of injury while employees are working

boats and equipment is a natural activity, and injuries can and do occur. If you have

heard of injuries on the beach or overseas, Houston Marine Attorneys can help.

Houston Maritime is an expert advocate for the Jones Act, and has assisted hundreds of clients

who applied for the Jones Act years ago and received the compensation required to secure it

their families were financially secure.

There Are Common Offshore Injuries

The list of common injuries among sailors and other mariners is long, however

the following are some of the worst injuries that can happen while working at sea:

  • Leg, foot, or back
  • Burning.
  • Broken finger, hand, arm, leg or foot
  • Deep cuts or cracks
  • Drowning or near drowning.
  • Injuries to the back and / or neck, including herniated discs and complications.
  • Loss of limb.
  • Lung problems, including pleural infection
  • Broken muscles, tendons, or muscles
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals.
  • Severe brain damage
  • Broken finger, hand, arm,


These injuries could end the work of sailors, sailors, or other sailors. Due to

The physical needs of working at sea, If you can work, you and your family can

major financial problems.

If you are injured, you do not have to wait for your insurance company to finalize your claim

or your employer to provide you with the compensation you deserve.

You need a team of professional marine lawyers to fight for your rights and get what you need for your complete recovery.


If you or a family member is seriously injured in a maritime or coastal accident,

Marine risk lawyers at our law firm Jones Act urge you to contact us for legal advice to

make sure you get all the compensation you and your authorised family members have.

Why hire a Houston Marine Attorney?

We know that the laws of the sea are complex. Let the lawyer Christ and his team help you

understand the legal concepts and guide you through the process to get them all

the compensation you deserve.

This can be what you pay for when you miss out and are able to pay off medical bills

which continue to flow. Working with an attorney overseas can mean leaving money on the table. But in Christ Law Company, P.C.

Houston Danger Lawyers have extensive experience in the field and do not allow clients to do so changed.


The team of award-winning lawyers have the knowledge, experience, and resources to win

even maritime cases are very challenging. That the sailors were injured in the shipwreck, at

oil refinery, or Port Houston, a network of medical, engineering, and maritime networks

industrial experts in the nation. Maritime is proud of its team work and has a history

representing injured people while working in a dangerous maritime industry.

The Houston Maritime Attorney will be

  • 1.Helping you complete your employer’s accident report.
  • 2. Find out if you are a sailor under The Jones Act.
  • Check the condition of the vessel in case of injury.
  • Gather evidence of seawater.
  • Investigate employees and their training.
  • Determine the cause of the accident and your injuries.
  • Review any documents from your employer, including any suspensions or


  • Limit your right to apply.
  • Decide how often you should open the case.
  • Report the case to the negligent employer.
  • Negotiate a proper agreement or arrange for a trial.

The following actions are the basis of maritime law

  • Jones Act
  • The Law of Death on the High Seas
  • .Real Boundary Act
  • Longshoremen & Harbor Workers 5.Compensation Act
  • Maritime law is the basis for all maritime damage.


It is important to understand the general rule well before you start the following actions.

What does a Houston Maritime lawyer do

People who work at sea, sailors, are at greater risk of personal injury as a result of the accident

and hostile workplaces that they may need to work on. Work-related injuries at sea are highly likely and laws detect and protect sailors. The Maritime Attorney specialises in maritime law representing the companies it works with applications for personal injury or for people who work in the maritime industry and who are injured offshore by anyone demand compensation.


There are various maritime laws that allow an injured person to file a complaint employer or company. In the event that an injured Houston resident or legal action can be instituted in Houston, that is the case it is important to contact a lawyer who has experience of legal practice to provide you on representation and legal support.

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